Birthstone Open Cuff Bracelet

Wear it simply alone or stack in multiples - the simplicity of our Birthstone Open Cuff Bracelet can be worn a multitude of ways.

  • Three Sisters Jewelry Signature Gift Wrap

The base Birthstone Open Cuff Bracelet design includes one 2.4mm open cuff bracelet set with a 3mm simulated, faceted birthstone charm.  Available in Small/Medium and Large sizes. Please visit our Product Details section to learn more about bracelet sizing. Choose from sterling silver, yellow gold-filled or rose gold-filled. All bracelet metals are set with sterling silver bezel cups.

When properly cared for a cuff bracelet can last many years.  The bracelet has an open back and is semi-pliable to assist with sizing. A note on how to put on the cuff:  Please do not pull the bracelet apart as there is no hinge to handle the pressure. Gently twist it sideways so that each cuff end is slightly opened, slide it on your wrist and then gently twist it closed. Bracelet may be gently squeezed tighter once on the wrist. Above all, do not bend your bracelet. Bending a cuff bracelet can permanently damage it, by causing a small crack in it, which cannot be repaired. Three Sisters is not responsible for replacing bracelets that are pulled apart.

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