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Austin City Limits!

This was my first trip to Texas and it was SO amazing! I went with my oldest daughter and our friends to Austin City Limits (Weekend #2 for you locals) and had an incredible time! I ate fried chicken three times within twenty four hours – it was blissful. This will be our new tradition with our good friends. See you next year Austin!

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favorite tunes


Yahoo – it’s time for Kaaboo. I’m so lucky this music festival is my own backyard. And guess who I am most excited to see? No, not Imagine Dragons, not the Foo Fighters and not Katy Perry. But TLC. I LOVE TLC.

TLC group

favorite tunes

Jack White!

My husband and I saw Jack White last night. He’s a musical genius. I’ve seen him during all his incarnations – solo, White Stripes, Raconteurs, Dead Weather. Every time I am amazed.

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favorite tunes, life & inspiration

Music Frenzy

I am avid music-lover. Any chance I get, I go to a concert. I prefer to have Spotify blaring instead of the drone of the TV. We just ended a five concert frenzy in less than two months and it was wondrous!  Outside Lands Festival, Kaaboo Festival, U2, Depeche Mode, Lauryn Hill & Nas.  Yeah! Now if I can just figure out how to get to ACL this weekend!

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favorite tunes, life & inspiration

Sleepy Beach Town…

We are beachy at heart at Three Sisters – most of us are from San Diego, born and bred.  We have the surf culture ingrained in our psyche mixed with a bit of beach punk.  It’s who we are.  We ride our bikes to work, eat Mexican food as much as we eat drink water and need to at least sea the beach or we feel out of sorts.  Lucky for us, the Belly Up, the greatest local music venue a beach town could ask for is right down the street.  A little Ziggy Marley on a Wednesday night never hurt anyone…


favorite tunes

new music! {hand stamped jewelry dance party}

this song was one of my mom’s favorites.  we played it at her memorial and every time i hear it – i think of my mom.  i recently heard it unexpectedly.  thank goodness i had my sunglasses on – because the tears started pouring.  i was photographing a beautiful family and the mom started to sing this song to her daughter in order to calm her.  it was one of those moments i will never forget….