Sterling Silver Charm Clip

This little charm hook is a workhorse - attach your vintage piece to larger-link chains, attach charms with built in bails to your cluster of charms.


About This Piece

  • Hallmark: None
  • Metal: Sterling Silver
  • Finish: Shiny
  • Measurements: 7.5mm x 6.3mm
  • Notes: Charm clip is hinged and opens out. Because sterling is a soft metal, take care with opening. This clip is intended for charm use only and not as a chain connector.

This piece is sold without a charm or chain. If you need assistance with styling this piece, feel free to reach out to us!

About Vintage & Curated Finds

Three Sisters Jewelry founder, Zoe, has been not-so-secretly collecting vintage jewelry since her teen years. In fact, her pioneering personalized hand-stamped charms grew out of her obsession with the family heirlooms and charm bracelets she picked up at flea markets and estate sales.

Coming full circle, and now a mom of three teenage girls, Zoe decided to open up her jewelry box with the launch of the Vintage Finds collection.  The ever-evolving collection includes one-of-a-kind vintage treasures, reproductions, and artisan-crafted retro charms.  

A true labor of love, Zoe’s curated collection of Vintage Finds spans centuries – from Victorian era keepsakes to ‘70s era NY punk rock pieces. The eclectic collection is guided by Zoe’s eye for exquisite craftsmanship, iconic motifs, and always, jewelry that feels ahead of its time.

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