Two Children Personalized Ring Stack

Athena's Stacking Personalized Rings are a beautiful blend of hand stamped rings with a selection of beautiful, thin bands intended to stack and mix-and-match. Order one and we are sure you will want more.

Handcrafted & Custom Made To Order by Three Sisters Jewelry - Ships Within 5 Business Days (Not Inclusive of Shipping Time)

About This Personalized Piece

Measurements & Materials

  • Included: Three rings including - One personalized ring with vintage leaf band, one birthstone ring with pyramid stud band and one personalized ring with vintage leaf band.
  • Ring Measurements: Width - 1/8"
  • Ring Metal:  .935 Argentium Silver
  • Stone: 3mm Stone


Inspiration & Styling 


Brand Vision

Jewelry that aims to mirror the complexity of individuality and the concept of timelessness is the essence of the TSJ design aesthetic. Hand-rendered in precious ancient metals and stones, our designs radiate an effortlessly chic, free-spirited style. Our personalized pieces are reflections of each wearer’s unique personal story, and can be layered and added to as memories are made and passions discovered. 

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