Modern Mix Art Deco

The Three Sisters Jewelry Modern Mix Art Deco jewelry collection was designed to turn heads. Our bold, graphic handcrafted deco designs are guaranteed to draw in a natural magnetism that celebrates you in all of your unique complexity.

Modern Mix Art Deco Jewelry Style

Intricate Architectural Design

Our modern art deco jewelry collection captures the decadence of the roaring twenties. Characterized by strong, geometric designs, bright, rich colors, and elements of Egyptology, this collection was made for the woman who’s unafraid to make a statement with her jewelry.

This bold collection of necklaces, pendants, and charms contains the missing piece to complete any original look. Vintage materials and silhouettes integrate effortlessly into the modern era through seamlessly mixed elements of old and new.

The collection features brilliant, richly-colored gemstones like faceted round emeralds, free-form onyx, and single-cut diamonds set in precious metals like 14K yellow gold. Elements such as stacked geometrical shapes and angular lines pay homage to the groundbreaking architecture of the art deco era.

Our art deco collection features one-of-a-kind creations and authentic vintage pieces. Our team of designers handcrafts these modern art deco jewelry revival pieces from our own breezy studio on the California coast.

Our Dedication

In designing and curating our Modern Mix Art Deco jewelry collection, Three Sisters Jewelry founder, Zoe, was inspired by her own lifelong collection of vintage jewelry. An unwavering dedication to quality, expert sourcing, and craftsmanship are behind every unique piece in our collection.

We are proud to forgo mass-production by using recycled, lovingly preserved materials and handcrafted production. The result is a highly individualized heirloom piece that will be treasured for a lifetime.

All of our treasured products are beautifully packaged in a gift box with tissue paper and a cute card just for you.

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