About Zoe

SoCal Roots  -  Zoe was born and bred in Southern California, and fully appreciated growing up in the ‘80s - the heyday of LA beach punk culture.  Regular trips to LA’s Roxy to see seminal rock concerts, Topanga Canyon, and the ever-present Pacific Ocean out her window were her earliest influencers, informing her jewelry’s signature fusion of the organic and the edgy.

The Power of Observation - A “quiet observer,” it was no surprise that Zoe’s first successful career shift was from attorney to portrait photographer.  Her subjects appear lit from within, tinged with her characteristic nod to the past. When not photographing, she was pursuing another dream deferred by taking metalsmithing classes. It wasn’t long before she was hooked and on her way to fashioning memories in gold.

Putting the Personal in Jewelry – A pioneer of personalized jewelry, Zoe set the trend for customized handstamped jewelry when she first opened Three Sisters Jewelry in 2007.  A longtime collector of vintage charms, her very first piece took the singularity of the charm bracelet to the next level with hand-tooled “tags” stamped with dates and names near and dear to her. Today, her custom-designed pieces have evolved to form a timeless collection that allows wearers to tell their own stories.

Materials & Iconography– Golden bronze is one of Zoe’s favorite precious metals. With its aged patina, it is evocative of the Gothic period. She also favors gold, which like a classic California sunset, complements all skin tones.  Her iconic forms embody a feminine edginess.  Daggers and talons are rendered as tough yet vulnerable, stacking rings marry vintage elegance with rock star studs, and name tags are softened and given movement with hand-wrought texture, luminous finishes and delicate semi-precious gems.

Vision  - Zoe’s collection is one of everyday luxe. She seeks to elevate the everyday with jewelry that can be worn from day into night and cherished as modern heirlooms.

Loves – Her three daughters (the eponymous and inspirational “Three Sisters”), her husband (the yin to her yang), her lifelong band of friends, her leopard print sofa, her vintage jewelry collection, shoes, retro rock posters, alone time with her Ipad, the quiet of bedtime, and her signature drink – a jalapeno margarita with extra salt and lime.