Personalized Jewelry Handcrafted in California

Since 2007, Three Sisters Jewelry has set the bar for personalized jewelry with an ever-evolving collection of retro-chic pieces crafted of precious metals, diamonds and stones. Each handcrafted piece tells a multi-layered story unique to its wearer, transforming reflections of the past into modern heirlooms. 

Quintessentially Californian, the gilded handwrought collection captures the golden light and free-spirited vibe of Zoe’s SoCal surroundings. Three Sisters Jewelry has been worn by celebrities, featured in major fashion publications and featured on television.

Personalized modern heirlooms with signature feminine edge and bohemian allure. Engraved, nameplate, initial, layering and stackable pieces in precious metals and stones, all custom-crafted by hand in our Southern California-based studio. 

Discover Three Sisters Jewelry Design for custom and stunning jewelry, including Celebrity & Handcrafted Jewelry and Diamond pieces. Shop exquisite jewelry that suits your style and character. Our superior craftsmanship guarantees beautiful creations with top-quality materials, such as diamonds. Shop personalized and custom pieces at Three Sisters Jewelry Design.

At Three Sisters Jewelry Design, where superb artistry meets personalized elegance in our celebrity-inspired collection that mirrors your distinct flair and narrative.

Celebrity Personalized Jewelry

Analyze our celebrity jewelry collection, crafted to inspire with necklaces, bracelets, and charms worn by iconic stars and influencers. Handcrafted pieces embody your journey and individuality.

Unique Personalized Jewelry

We celebrate individual expression with our personalized jewelry collection featuring unique pieces that tell your personal story. Choose from engravings, birthstones, and initials to craft your perfect piece!

Handcrafted Personalized Jewelry

Discover our skilled artisans' artistry in handcrafting meticulously detailed, high-quality jewelry pieces that reflect your style. We make handcrafted jewelry for a lifetime of cherish.

Celebrate you with our handcrafted designs for life's special moments. Three Sisters Jewelry Design: Quality and Personalized Expression.