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The Kitchen Sink

We like to call some pieces that come through “The Kitchen Sink” designs – everything you can think of, is on the necklace.  And personally those are my favorites.  No concerns for “matching” or for “what do you think” or even “will others understand my necklace?”  Yes – I love Kitchen Sink necklaces because they express true individuality.

hand stamped jewelry designs, life & inspiration

Inspired: Sunken Treasure & Antoine Personalized Molten Coin Necklace

The inspiration behind our Antoine Molten Coin Hand Stamped Name Necklace is quite simple…sunken treasure. When I was little, I would dream of treasure. Seriously. I would pretend I was a mermaid and dive for beautiful treasures. I even tried to figure out how I could grow-up and become a treasure hunter (now I just frequent Estate Sales). So our Antoine, one of our best sellers, is aged, a deep patina and beautifully worn. As if it’s been sitting at the bottom of the sea watched over only by mermaids.

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Music Frenzy

I am avid music-lover. Any chance I get, I go to a concert. I prefer to have Spotify blaring instead of the drone of the TV. We just ended a five concert frenzy in less than two months and it was wondrous!  Outside Lands Festival, Kaaboo Festival, U2, Depeche Mode, Lauryn Hill & Nas.  Yeah! Now if I can just figure out how to get to ALR this weekend!

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Garden Platter

It’s getting to be that time of year… parties, parties and more parties.  I’m so in love with this antipasto platter.  Inspired by the garden and all things fresh – it brings a bit of spring into fall.


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Card Shark

I’ve been playing cards (poker, rummy, go fish) since I was learning how to read.  My Grandma taught me how to play with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth.  She would play me for my lunch money and honestly, those are some of my best memories.  She would stack the deck, let me win and I thought I was a shark at the tender age of 7.  I thank my grandma for giving me those memories.  Miss her tons.


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