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Random Acts of Kindness Day

Bet you didn’t know that today is “Random Acts of Kindness Day.” I didn’t, until Instagram told me (thank you IG!). Perhaps one of the greatest traits I value in a person is compassion – if you are compassionate, Random Acts of Kindness are most likely part of your daily repertoire. So I personally thank you. Step into someone’s shoes and feel IT. xoxox

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I spent the entire morning crying as I read the triumphant story of Californian, snowboarder Chloe Kim of immigrant descent. Her dad’s love and dedication, her hard work and peppy attitude… a hotpot of emotions for me. Go girl! You are the Ipugi.

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Rad. Like Totally.

I’m a true Southern Californian. I say “rad” and “like” way too much. It might be embarrassing but it marks who I am. Right on! (BTW, if anyone is paying attention I want this shirt for my birthday).

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Tucson Loot

Can you believe these beauties? I have a very special couple that I meet with each year in Tucson and clean them out of their vintage Turquoise jewelry. This is just a sampling. Yummy!

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Inspiration – Tucson

Every year I head to Tucson for the Gem Show. I absolutely love it. From the hotels turned into shops, to the friends we’ve made after returning year-after-year to the amazing and incredible jewels and gems. Inspiration is at every corner. I’ve learned to love the Tucson landscape, the interesting restaurants and the very kind people. Viva la Tucson!


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