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the three sister’s universe

the three sister's universe

Bass Lake. Year 70.

This year marks my family’s 70th year at Bass Lake. It is so special to us – about 40 of us gather and reminisce about growing up on the lake, celebrating family and just relaxing. I love Bass Lake so much – it is who I am.

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Pearls. Becoming an Obsession.

For the past few years, I have become acutely possessed with Tahitian Pearls. My friend has a strand of beautiful pistachio-colored Tahitians that I want to rip off her neck every time she wears them. That would be rude – so instead I drool and fawn all over them. So I am on the hunt for a strand for myself. Praying to the jewelry gods to lead me toward that perfect strand.

Pearl Usage guide

life & inspiration, the three sister's universe

Beauty When You Eat

My mom taught me that food tastes better on white plates. The clean background against a well-balanced meal (think spinach, beets, potatoes, protein) and it’s somehow more appetizing and beautiful. I saw these plates and fell IN LOVE. They are organic, clean and the rim of gold adds some decadence but yet they are delicate. Beautiful plates by Laura Letinsky.

Ceramic bowls