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What Is Hand-Stamped Jewelry?

Three Sisters Jewelry specializes in hand-stamped necklaces, bracelets, charms, rings, and other pieces that are highly personalized and one of a kind. We forge each of our pieces individually using the artisanal jewelry technique of hand-stamping.

How Is Hand-Stamped Jewelry Made?

Hand stamping is a metalworking technique that dates back thousands of years. You have probably seen many pieces of jewelry with engravings. However, there is a big difference between engraving and hand-stamping. Most engravings are made by machine and are usually mass-produced.

Hand stamping forgoes the grand-scale manufacturing method in favor of artistic craftsmanship. When a piece of metal is hand-stamped, each letter, symbol, or texture is pressed into the surface using a hammer and stamp. Artists must design individual stamps for every figure, letter, and shape that they want to use. The artist then strikes the detailed stamp repeatedly, impressing the design into a blank metal piece until it reaches the desired depth. Each individual letter, number, or shape is hammered into the metal one by one.

How Can You Tell a Piece Has Been Hand-Stamped?

You can tell if jewelry is an authentic hand-stamped piece because every stamp is unique. Part of the beauty of hand-stamped jewelry lies in its imperfections and it’s handcrafted look. Each stamper has their own unique “handwriting,” and this brings an element of personality to an already special piece of jewelry.

Why Do We Love Hand-Stamped Jewelry?

At Three Sisters Jewelry, hand-stamping holds significant personal meaning for our founder Zoe. She got started by stamping hand-tooled tags with names and dates that she held close to her heart. The uniqueness of these one-of-a-kind pieces mirrored the individual uniqueness of the places, people, and moments that inspired them. That’s one of the beautiful elements of hand-stamped jewelry. Each piece is rare; the significance it holds and the design it bears belong only to the person who wears it. We like to use hand-stamping to create textures and movement in the metal, as well, and we can adorn pieces with semi-precious gems to further personalize them.

Zoe pioneered the resurgence of the art of hand-stamping and the ancient method has become a enduring trend in jewelry. At Three Sisters Jewelry, we love how the handcrafted nature of hand-stamping allows each customer to tell their own story. We believe that every piece we make should be as singular as the person who wears it.

What Are Some of Our Favorite Pieces of Hand-Stamped Jewelry?


Some of our favorite examples of hand-stamped jewelry are the flower-inspired Calyx Mixed Personalized Charm Necklace (above left) and the classic Pavlova Oval Monogram Necklace (above right). Both of these pieces combine antique style with a modern edge. The vintage nameplates can be combined with date tags, birthstones, and other charms to create a map of your family. The names of children, parents, spouses, or other loved ones are individually hand-stamped so that the owner can carry them over their heart wherever they go.

For the travelers among us, or those who feel great connections to special places in this world near or far, we love customizing Longitude and Latitude Necklaces.

Regardless of the place or significance, hand-stamped jewelry with coordinates serves as the perfect metaphor for the impression these places have made in people’s lives.

A great example of textures in hand-stamped jewelry is our Ina Personalized Stacking Bangle Bracelet (above right). Here, we create movement and shape with textures alongside hand-stamped names, phrases, and dates. As a stack, they create a truly unique story that can’t be replicated.

Now that you have your answer to the question “What is hand-stamped jewelry?”, the next question is “What kind of hand-stamped jewelry will you choose?” Three Sisters Jewelry specializes in customized hand-stamped jewelry that is as exquisite as it is unique. Explore our full selection, and find your special piece today.

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