Conchilla Collection

Layered Necklaces from our Conchilla Collection

The Conchilla Collection

The Conchilla capsule collection is inspired by sun-baked desert landscapes and the free spirits and artists called to these horizons.

Conchilla which translates to “little shell” is the original name given to the California desert town, Coachella of the famed music festival. Named for all the tiny fossilized shells found there from the ancient Lake Cahuilla, the desert hotspot is an oasis of creative expression and wild nature.

Andalusian Dreams

Striking beaded edge charms possess a hypnotic and harmonious look reminiscent of the ornate mosaic patterns of Andalusia.

The elaborate patterned mosaics in the 14th century Alhambra palace of Andalusia, Spain reflect the timeless beauty and symmetry of the sacred geometry in nature.

Andalusian Tile Church
Vintage Andalusian Tile
California Desert Sky
Vintage Carved Wood Jewelry Design

Coachella Style

Laid-back leather wrap necklaces, metallic thread strands, and 70s style gold hoops channel a wild at heart, individualistic style.

Image of Joshua Tree
Coachella Style
Old Cactus
Leather Fringe Style

Bohemian Beads

Infuse your look with layers of vibrant vintage glass beads, earthy hand-carved rubies and mystical moonstones.

Astral Amulets

Light your path with a gleaming modern lucky star set with a custom brilliant birthstone.