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Gemstone Statement Strands

Make a Statement

One of the most enchanting items within the Three Sisters Jewelry collection is our gemstone statement necklace strands. With a blend of precious and semi-precious stones, these handcrafted gemstone necklace strands are a welcomed addition to every jewelry box. With a variety of styles and gemstones to indulge in, there’s a gemstone statement strand designed for every sense of style. Three Sisters Jewelry knows that jewelry is more than simply a fashion choice, it's a form of self-expression and way of life. Three Sisters Jewelry believes in creating only quality-made and handcrafted pieces to help everyone express themselves the way they should: in style.

Dazzling and Eyecatching Gemstone Statement Strands

Whether you’re going for a bold and beautiful bohemian style or a simplistically stunning look, Three Sisters Jewelry has a gemstone statement necklace for every sense of style. Whether you’re in love with iolite and moonstones or perhaps prefer gold coin statement pieces, each piece is designed with love and care to become a soon-to-be keepsake. With each gemstone statement strand featuring hand-forged gemstones with dazzling gold accents, these are a customer favorite and the perfect addition to every ensemble.

Elevate Your Style

Each Three Sisters Jewelry piece is handcrafted and designed to last a lifetime. From the moment these gemstone statement necklaces are designed to the moment they are polished for personal selection, each Three Sisters Jewelry piece is customized with care to assure customer excitement and satisfaction. Each of these gemstone statement strands is uniquely designed by our hardworking team to elevate your current fashion statements. With free shipping on select orders and personalized packaging to help every piece feel extra special, there’s no reason to hold back from getting your hands on these gorgeous gemstone statement necklaces.

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