Odeon Collection

The Odéon Collection

The Odéon Capsule Collection is inspired by the everyday romance, artistry and nostalgia of Paris.

French Charm

Vintage-inspired miniature medals embellished with whimsical and floral motifs act as wearable personal armor

Three Sisters Jewelry Design Adela French Medal Charm
Three Sisters Jewelry Design Genevieve French Medal Charm
Three Sisters Jewelry Design Roseline French Medallion Charm
Three Sisters Jewelry Design Colette French Medal Charm

In the late 19th century, the engraving talents of French medallists brought medal jewelry to the fore of fashion. A natural outgrowth of the ancient coin jewelry and the Art Nouveau movement, these exquisitely detailed medals forged in silver and gold, had a decidedly naturalistic and bold feminine aesthetic.

Vintage French Lace
French Ballerinas
French Carved Door

“The Odeon Capsule Collection is a love letter to my favorite bohemian neighborhood in Paris, Montmartre, and to the effortless elegance of the Parisienne. The charms are based on a series of vintage engraved French medal jewels from my personal collection. With each design, I sought to create a delicate tension between the inherent strength of a ‘medal’ with classically feminine Art Nouveau motifs.”

 - Zoe

Soft-Lit Gems

Dusty rose and lilac hued gemstones echo the nostalgic colors of prized flowers and turn-of-the-century haute couture gowns

Vintage Dior
Vintage Rose Illustration
Vintage Dior in Black and White

Right Bank Romance

Delicate diamonds and pale pink tourmalines exude the essence of French sophistication

Art Nouveau Peacock Illustration
French Romantic Painting with Doves
French Romantic Illustration

French Accent

An Art Nouveau favorite, the twisting lines of the majestic peacock adds instant glamour

Belle of the Ball

An enchanting set of macaron pink pastel pearls in a statement making size

French Carved Chair
Illustration of Marie Antoinette
Antique Sparrow Illustration