Vintage Pearls & Modern Metal

Classic romanticism with an edge. Our signature vintage pearls and modern metal collection marries unabashedly feminine detail with renegade metal hardware. The result is a collection that pays homage to the modern woman in all her complexity.

Classic Pearl Jewelry

Eclectic Pearl Jewelry

Wildly Unique Handcrafted Pieces

Strong yet vulnerable. Alluring with an edge. Our heirloom pieces were designed to capture the dynamism of their unique wearer. Each modern jewelry piece in our pearls and metal collection is a one-of-a-kind heritage design crafted by our team from our airy studio on the California coast.

We utilize vintage pearls that have been salvaged from treasured antique jewelry from around the world. These lovingly-restored gems are then enmeshed within modern precious metals like 14K gold and silver. Each piece is hand-cut, cast, and forged into a one-of-a-kind design that is as original and unforgettable as its future wearer.

The vintage pearls and metal collection is characterized by organic forms and vintage silhouettes. These pieces evoke the allure of bygone glamour. Our chief designer drew inspiration from the soft golden light of the coastal sunset combined with the heady nostalgia of her vintage jewelry collection.

Exclusively Designed for You

Three Sisters Jewelry sets out to design pieces that will accompany you through your most important moments - from everyday looks to evening outings. Our pieces are designed to travel with you through adventures both big and small.

We use only the highest quality precious metals and authentic salvaged gemstones in our original modern jewelry. Every Three Sisters Jewelry piece is engraved and handcrafted in our own studio workshop to ensure that it meets our exhaustive standards.

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