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Lacrima Name Charm Necklace

Our teardrop shaped charm necklace is modeled after the California sunset - this piece is classic and beautiful with the mixed metals and smoothly shaped borders.


The base Lacrima design includes a 16” or 18” chain, one hand-stamped 5/8" teardrop shaped charm, and one stone charm. 

You may further customize this necklace by adding on personalized charms and stones at an additional cost.

Uppercase Font:


Lowercase Font:


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Your charm will be personalized in the font selected on the ordering form.  The font style will apply to all charms ordered on this handcrafted piece.Please note, we are unable to accommodate special font requests for this design.

This design is hand-stamped and custom made in our California studio. As each unique piece is crafted by hand, slight variations will occur. For more on the process of hand-stamped jewelry, visit our Details Section.

To preserve the original luster of our bronze, sterling silver and gold-filled jewelry, be sure to regularly polish your piece with a polishing cloth. Learn more about the nature of our metals and how to care for your jewelry in our FAQs section.

Please review our Chain Length Guide for questions on selecting the appropriate chain length. Lengths will vary slightly based upon individual build, neck size and chest size. For specific information about chain exchanges and associated fees, please review our FAQs section.

Lacrima Name Charm Necklace Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Pretty, but a lot of upkeep

Posted by Kat on May 29th 2017

The necklace chain and pendants need to be cleaned with a cloth daily and placed in an air right sealed bag to prevent tarnishing. I neglected to do so one night and the next morning the "gold" had tarnished around the silver pendant. It is a completely different shade from the gold inside the other pendant. I also can never get the chain clean. I rub it with a cloth and always end up with black coming off, no matter how many times I clean the same spot.

Three Sisters Jewelry Response: Thank you for your feedback Kat. We appreciate it! Yes, bronze does need upkeep. It is an ancient metal - sturdy and the finish won't wear off. The bronze is not plated so you don't have to worry about the golden hue rubbing off over time. The residue you find on your polishing cloth is the build-up of lotions and perfumes that create a chemical reaction with the bronze. All semi-precious metals will do this - think of an antique sterling silver tea set. For metals that require little upkeep - we recommend 14K or platinum. They carry a different price tag but they don't require upkeep. Regardless, but semi-precious metals and precious metals will endure the test of time. Thank you!

Mixed metal lends versatility

Posted by Lauren on May 10th 2017

I bought this piece for my mother to celebrate her third grandchild. The mixed metal design is a beautiful addition to the gold and silver Three Sisters disc charms she already has on her necklace. I love the simple, timeless look - it will never go out of style.