Native American

Known as the “sky stone” to the Navajo, the breathtaking blue-green turquoise is an essential part of Native American history, culture and spiritualism.  In the Navajo creation story, it is a stone disk rimmed with turquoise that was used to create the sun. In another Navajo legend, Estsanatlehi, the goddess of creation and protection, appears as a drop of turquoise.  The sacred stone figures prominently in Native American healing ceremonies and rites of passage to this day.

In the hands of Native American artisans, turquoise evolved from carved amulets to intricately designed adornments. The 19th century witnessed the first Navajo squash blossom necklaces featuring the iconic crescent shaped Naja form. Complementing the beauty of turquoise, silverwork often included hand-stamped natural motifs, animals, and symbols. 

Our absolute favorite part of our yearly trips to the Southwest gem shows has been side trips to source authentic vintage and contemporary Native American turquoise jewelry. Like personalized jewelry, no two turquoises are alike, with incredible variations in color and matrix. Our latest drop includes vintage Navajo and Zuni turquoise cuffs and rings, contemporary turquoise beaded necklaces and charms, and a surprise trove of rustic silver curiosity boxes etched by hand in a small Mexican village. Lined in black velvet, they are the perfect place to store your jewelry and mementos.