Styling A Winter Stack

Styling A Winter Stack

Posted by Marie on Feb 1st 2024

Winter’s embrace is finally here and we are here for it with snowy pearls, cool-toned silver, diamonds, and substantial statement pieces to match our heavyweight sweaters.

Five Pieces to Style Your Winter Stack

Vintage Diamond Art Deco Double Pearl Choker

A true collector’s piece, this opulent Art Deco diamond and pearl choker looks and feels divine on.

Gray Diamond Stone Strand

A wisp of winter, these glimmering faceted gray diamonds add subtle sparkle and look great with the addition of a charm

Silver Kit Kat Club Diamond Fringe Charm

Silver’s naturally cool undertones pair beautifully with icy diamonds in our Cabaret inspired personalized charm.

Minuet Jeweled Coin

Hand-forged to create a shimmering surface, the personalized Minuet Jeweled Coin epitomizes effortless style.

Divine Ibex Charm Lock

A symbol of renewal in ancient Egypt, our elegant Ibex charm lock is our favorite good-luck piece feor the new year.