A La Carte Birthstone Stone Charms

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Personalize Your Jewelry Experience with Handcrafted Charms

Three Sisters Jewelry is proud of the artistry and personalization of all of our birthstone charms. Perfect as an enchanting embellishment to a favorite chain or bracelet, these charms are a personalized and handcrafted testament to quality made jewelry pieces. Each charm is special with a simplistically stunning design and a radiant gemstone that flaunts the birth month. Whether you’re looking for an eye-catching quartz for the month of March or a radiant ruby for July, each charm is crafted to be cherished for a lifetime. At Three Sisters Jewelry, we believe that jewelry is more than just a fashion statement, it’s a lifestyle. Flaunt your birth month and impeccable sense of style with a Three Sisters Jewelry handcrafted birthstone charm today.

Choose Three Sisters Jewelry to Elevate Your Jewelry Collection Today

Each jewelry piece available at Three Sisters Jewelry is handcrafted in our Californian-based studio with customer satisfaction in mind. From the moment these charms are designed to the moment they’re polished for distribution, Three Sisters Jewelry dedicates themselves to providing only quality-made jewelry pieces that are built to last a lifetime. Perfect as a birthday present or harmless self-indulgence, these genuine hand-cut birthstone charms are a beautifully personalized treat for any jewelry lover. With free shipping on select orders, there is little holding you back from getting your hands on these stunningly customized charms in no time.