Symbols span the ages and the globe, crystallizing universal truths. They make visible the invisible. They connect us, enlighten us, and can feel deeply personal in their ability to reveal hidden parts of ourselves. They reflect of our relationship with our unconscious and with the divine.
Incorporating symbols in your personalized jewelry is a striking way to convey your personal mythology and add enchanting beauty and depth to your collection.


Within many symbols, as in nature and life, there is an element of duality.

The notion that one cannot exist without the other. Good and evil, light and dark, life and death, feminine and masculine.

Some of our favorite dualistic symbol charms:


The Celestial & the Beyond


Celestial and otherworldly symbols capture the beauty and mystery of all that we cannot see or touch. They represent the inherent mystery of our cosmos, our relationship to the infinite and our innately human desire to explore the unknown. Zodiac symbols are a bridge between ourselves and the celestial skies.

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