Like scent, place has a powerful effect on the psyche, evoking memories and emotions. Certain destinations feel destined, as if we were meant to be there. From the local to the most far-flung, these places feed our soul.

Wherever you go, go with all your heart.

- Confucious


Map Out Your Journey


Our life paths are marked by the places we have been. A favorite beach, a childhood address, an unforgettable trip. Transport yourself to your “happy places” with charms custom engraved with the coordinates (latitude/longitude), zip codes or the names of these loved locales.





Coordinates necklace


First developed in ancient Egypt, coordinates are a system of mapping out the world and pinpointing a place’s position on the earth. Engraved on a charm, the numbers, letters and signs that make up a particular latitude/longitude are eye-catching and mysterious. Wearing coordinates feels deeply personal as only the wearer knows the location and meaning behind them.

Complete your personal mythology jewelry