Your tribe consists of the people who inhabit and give meaning to your life – the ones who you are connected to. They may be a part of your day-to-day life or hold a special place in your psyche or memory – a dear relative, an old friend, a soul mate, or a furry friend. They are the ones who know you and the ones you love.
Wearing your tribe close to your heart is a powerful way to remind yourself of the people who have accompanied you on your journey, have shaped and enriched your life.


Your tribe emanates out from you. Start your personalized jewelry collection with an identifying charm. Keep it simple and subtle with an initial or monogram or birthstone, or design your own iconic name charm.

Significant Others

Celebrate your most cherished relationships with engravings of initials, names, monograms, birthdates, and birthstones. As your life story unfolds, layer charms to commemorate milestones, newly formed bonds, or a loved one forever in your heart.

Vintage Family Illustration
Vintage Illustration of Angel
Illustration of Mother Discovering Baby in Shell

Complete your personal mythology jewelry