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The Santa Fe Collection

Southwest vibes meet Art Deco modernism in our collab with jewelry stylist extraordinaire @henrydominiquejewelry

The capsule collection featured 5 pieces inspired by Dominque’s happy place, Santa Fe, and its intersection with the bold beauty of the Art Deco movement.  

Early 20th century artists and architects in New Mexico drew influence from the awe-inspiring Southwest landscape and Pueblo symbols, as well as the growing popularity of the Art Deco movement.  In architecture, this resulted in a mash-up now known as Pueblo Deco – a style that combines Pueblo motifs with the stylized symmetry of Art Deco. Both design styles revel in the beauty and simplicity of geometrical forms as decorative and symbolic motifs.

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Affirmation Coins

A Collaboration with @alex_elle



Self-love and the power of words are at the heart of Three Sisters Jewelry’s collaboration with author and IG inspiration Alex Elle.


The capsule collection features charms inscribed with four of Alex Elle’s powerful daily affirmations that are at once simple and profound, intimate and universal. Cast in 10k/14k gold or sterling silver coins, the healing affirmations take on a rich and meditative beauty.


Words to Live By & Layer





“These lines stood out to me because whoever decides to wear them will be able to relate to them in some sense. I want it to be this reminder of self-love and reminder of true authentic relationship with self.”

– Alex Elle

"Whoever wears the charms will be able to not only feel the energy and the good vibrations of those words, but hopefully they’ll recite those words and be able to literally hold them close around their neck.” 

- Alex Elle

“I wear five chains and I don’t take them off. They are protection pieces for me. I have a few evil eyes, an Italian horn, a Buddha, and a figa with a diamond that I wear  - those are really my staples.”

-Alex Elle

Anthropologie Collection

Lustrous coin charms and talismans with an ancient-meets-modern feel available at






Buried treasure has fascinated me since I was a child. Mermaids adorned with silken pearls, the Pirates of the Caribbeans treasure room at Disneyland, and the lost world of Atlantis informed my own secret world and became a constant source of intrigue. My fascination with ancient artifacts and unearthing their long-lost secrets further fueled my imagination and inspired me to create the Coins & Relics collection. Each molten coin charm is crafted with meticulous detail, capturing the mystery and untold stories from centuries past.

Anthropologie for BHLDN


Three Sisters Jewelry presents a carefully curated vintage capsule collection for BHLDN. BHLDN is presented by Anthropologie, for the bride in search of unusually beautiful things.

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