The Capsule Collections

The Capsule Collections

 Our Capsule Collections category offers a stunning array of jewelry pieces that are crafted with inspiration from icons, artists, and both real and imagined places. Each collection is a unique blend of personalized charms, charm connectors, statement chains, and shimmering stone strands, resulting in exquisite and one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces.

May the stories behind each collection inspire your own trip down memory lane.

- Zoe


A capsule collection inspired by the decadent duality of Cabaret



Capsule Collection



A capsule collection that takes inspiration from Emerald Nights by Art Deco pioneer Erté


Maximalism Redux

A capsule collection inspired by visionary designer Tony Duquette's maximalist aesthetic.



Capsule Collection



Inspired by travels real and imaginary, the Atlantis Collection is a celebration of the human spirit. It is also a reflection on the power of myths and dreams in our collective unconscious.

Alchemy Relic Collection

A collection inspired by the four archetypal elements of alchemy

Create your personal mythology jewelry